How You, Your Friends, and Your Campus Can Help End Slavery in our Lifetime





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You are the Current & Future Leaders of the Justice Movement

Some of the most incredible movements start with a small group of committed people who decide to take a stand. IJM Campus Chapters rally others to the fight to end slavery by engaging their campuses & communities with meaningful ways to take action. Get connected to your school’s chapter or learn how to start one right here!

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Meet The Team

This rising generation has the potential to end slavery in our lifetime. As part of IJM’s overall mobilization efforts, the College Student Mobilization team seeks to equip college students in the U.S. and around the world to lead their campuses and their communities in the fight to end slavery.

Meet This Year’s National Student Leadership Team

The National Student Leadership Team is comprised of 8 top chapter leaders who work as extension of IJM’s college student mobilization team. They serve regionally as a coach, cheerleader, advocate, supporter, and partner in the work of justice for campus chapter leaders around the country. With over 150 campuses actively engaged in this fight, NSLT helps build greater unity & connection to IJM & the frontline fight to end slavery.

Sarah Lin

Manuel Briscoe

Kaitlyn Wanta

Jacob Smith

Luke “Orange” Hinson

Jordie Beuch

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